The third date, what you should or shouldnít do when itís date number three

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Published: 28th December 2010
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I donít know where it started, but somewhere along the way the third date becomes the one where the relationship moves up a level in intimacy. There can be a lot of pressure from yourself and your friends in keeping to this rule; you donít want to seem like a slut, but you donít want to seem like a prude either.
The best singles dating tip that I can give in this scenario is to ask your date. If you donít feel comfortable asking them if they assume there will be sex at the end of the date, youíre probably not ready for the actual sex. Be open and honest with them about your thoughts and feelings on the subject. If they seem too pushy, itís best to break it off before you do something youíll regret later.
Another good singles dating tip to remember in this scenario is that they might not be ready for sex just yet, either. Donít be disappointed if you want if but they donít, listen to their reasons and try your best to understand them. Maybe theyíve been hurt before and donít want to rush in to anything, or maybe they honestly feel like they donít know you well enough yet. Be considerate of their feelings and discuss where you feel discussion is warranted, but never push someone into doing something they donít want to do.
Singles dating tip to remember, there are other ways to increase the intimacy level without going straight to the bedroom. Taking a romantic walk in the park or a swim in a secluded pool can make the air charge with good vibes without any touching whatsoever. If you want to explore each otherís bodies, have a safe word that either one of you can use if itís going too far, or set up ground rules.
If both of you are ready for the plunge, then there are some singles dating tips to keep in mind. Make sure you know how youíre getting home, or how the other person is leaving your place. Will you need to drive them home in the morning, or will they be leaving straight after? Of course, protection is key in this situation. Ask your date point blank if they have anything contagious. If they have, then maybe sex should wait until everything has cleared up. If you choose to go along with it, make sure some sort of prophylactic is used. Itís better to be safe than sorry.

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